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Enter into the world of Everyday Elegance, carefully crafted by the incredibly gifted and renowned decorator Alex Papachristidis, along with his dear friend and collaborator Lisa McCarthy. What started as a mutual interest in creating  beautiful tablescapes for their own dinner parties blossomed into Everyday Elegance, a platform where one can purchase the carefully curated looks.


The work of interior decorator Alex Papachristidis has been described as thoughtful, personal, sophisticated and eclectic. Having mastered the skill of fusing modern and traditional elements, editors, designers and clients alike use the word “fresh” to define his elegant approach, color palette, and the delightful details that make even a small room sizzle with style. Mario Buatta calls Alex Papachristidis


“One of today’s eminent tastemakers. Known for arresting, elegant interiors that meld classical motifs with a modern perspective and sophisticated details.”

- Mario Buatta

Lisa McCarthy spent the last six years as President of Bernard Maisner Studio. The collection of stationery and gift products is carried in Bergdorf Goodman, Neiman Marcus and numerous high end specialty stores across the country. When she was with Bernard Maisner, she was in charge of brand development, brand recognition and sales. Additionally, she was responsible for creating a store front on Paperless Post—embracing the traditions of paper and making them modern.

Besides creating beautiful tablescapes, Lisa and Alex share a passion for animals. They both sit on the Animal Rescue Fund of the Hamptons, where Lisa currently serves as the President and Alex is intricately involved with the Decorator's Show House. 


Everyday Elegance has a place for everyone, at every price point and for all occasions of life.

Eat, drink, be merry and live everyday with elegance.

Explore a world so carefully crafted with you in mind.

Alex Papachristidis Co-Founder Everday Elegance

Alex Papachristidis Chief Creative Officer/Founder

Lisa McCarthy CEO Co-Founder Everyday Elegance

Lisa McCarthy CEO/Founder

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