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Agilent Intuilink Data Capture Software 12




A: Try using the following link: This software works perfectly fine with my Agilent HFTS2 controller, it has worked for me. Q: Upgrading to Wicket 8.1 fails with java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: org.apache.wicket.SessionCookieProvider.setSessionsMaxAge I just updated our app to Wicket 8.1.3 and now during startup it fails with the following error: Caused by: java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: org.apache.wicket.SessionCookieProvider.setSessionsMaxAge(Ljava/util/concurrent/TimeUnit;)V at org.apache.wicket.session.DefaultSessionManager.newSession( This seems to be because Apache Wicket changed the session cookie implementation to take an int and not a long and some classes from the JRE have changed as well. I have created a issue for it on Apache Wicket's GitHub account but at the moment there's no answer for how to fix this. Any ideas? A: Thanks to this answer I was able to resolve it. It boils down to editing these 2 lines: public class SessionCookieProvider extends CookieProvider { public static final long DEFAULT_MAX_AGE = 0; public static final TimeUnit DEFAULT_MAX_AGE_UNIT = TimeUnit.MINUTES; ... } and public SessionCookieSessionManager() { super(); CookieCollection sessionCookieCollection = SessionCookieSessionManager.getSessionCookieCollection(session); if (sessionCookieCollection!= null) { sessionCookieCollection.setMaxAge(SessionCookieSessionManager.DEFAULT_MAX_AGE); sessionCookieCollection.setMaxAgeUnit(SessionCookieSessionManager.DEFAULT_MAX_AGE_UNIT); } } into public class SessionCookieProvider extends CookieProvider {




Agilent Intuilink Data Capture Software 12

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