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Product Inspiration from Art

As most creatives will tell you inspiration can come from anywhere in life but a visit to a museum, reading a book or just exploring a city can be the spark. Recently our Co-Founder and renowned interior decorator, Alex Papachristidis was shown a 17th Century painting still life by Francisco de Zurbaran. It was shown to him by Stephen Sills, another highly regarded interior designer with a stellar client list, and it sparked something in Alex. The painting from 1633, shows a wicket basket brimming with fruit, alongside a plate of lemons.

A Still life by Francisco de Zurbaran featuring a wicker basket

That spark led to the creation of our new hand-woven wicker baskets and can be filled with your favorite fruit or flowers. They come in two sizes- a round one with a wider base (7" tall; 9" base) and a taller, slimmer one (7.5" tall; 5" base). Each has a removable protective liner.

We hope you love them as much as we do. These are in stock and ready to ship to your home.

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