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Schumacher's Instagram Live Chat With Alex Papachristidis

Recently our Co-Founder, Alex Papachristidis, had a wonderful instagram live chat with Tori Mellott, the Style Director of Schumacher. Schumacher is a style leader and design innovator, specializing in luxury fabrics, wall coverings, trims and pillows. In the chat they covered collecting unique items, sourcing furniture, and of course collecting tableware and starting the Everyday Elegance Collection business. He gave his advice on how to weave design into your home and the items he considers the essentials, and the perfect items to start collecting to make your home glamorous, comfortable and unique.

They continued the chat talking about art, furniture, his upcoming book publication, good tv and the best career advice about loving your job and being inspired. Lots of friends from the design industry listened in and asked live questions of Alex.

You can watch the fun chat here on Instagram:

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