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The Tastemaker, Alex Papachristidis- With Christie's

The New York-based interior designer shares his design philosophy with Christie’s

Co-Founder of Everyday Elegance Collection, and Principal of his eponymous interior design firm, Alex Papachristidis, recently collaborated with Christie's auction house on an online sale of European 18th and 19th century Antiques .

As a lover of antique items from across the world, Alex has always loved to blend these items into his interiors, mixed in with modern elements such as art work and the use of strong color.

I want my clients to enjoy their furniture, china and silver,’ he says. ‘Things bought at antique shops and at auction are meant to be used: they should become part of your everyday life.

He believes that accessories such as china and floral arrangements are fundamental to the overall effect the designer strives to create. ‘They make the difference between a house feeling personal and a house feeling commercial,’ he says. ‘They bring an interior to life and make it feel loved and lived in.’

Papachristidis traces his interest in interiors back to his childhood, when summers were often spent exploring Europe. ‘My mother took me everywhere with her because I was the youngest child,’ he recalls. ‘I saw all this beauty and this incredible range of objects in Europe. We were constantly going to auction houses and antique stores — it really marked me.’

He also believes in using antique items from a sustainability standpoint, rather than always having furniture custom made. And, of course, there’s the added bonus of exquisite craftsmanship. ‘You just don’t find the quality today that you had in the past,’ he notes. ‘Antiques have stood the test of time for a reason.’

You can learn more about the Christie's article here. You can see a selection of antique finds for your table and home here.

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