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Veranda Magazine Features A Gilded Alex Papachristidis Design

Alex Papachristidis, the Co-Founder of Everyday Elegance Collection, was recently featured in Veranda Magazine, where they showed some of his recent interior design work. His client was his sister, Ophelia, and knowing of her love of gold, silver and white, he infused the interiors with those colors.

In addition to the house's interiors, the accessories and tableware are also in the gold and silver metallic scheme.

The home’s neutral palette and glimmering surfaces complement the light and views of this extraordinary setting, with dunes and ocean on one side and Mecox Bay on the other, near Bridgehampton.

“What Alex gets about me is that I love things that are aesthetically glamorous,” says Opehlia

Once they settled on the gold and silver concept, Alex enlisted artists to create one-of-a-kind commissions to suit the scheme, including such distinctive touches as a spectacular hand-molded and gilt ceramic chandelier by Eve Kaplan, a pair of Hervé Van der Straeten light fixtures composed of clusters of bronze discs that hang like jewelry, and a living room ceiling that admits diffused natural light during the day and at night, illuminated from above, becomes a glowing light box.

We hope you agree with us that the house looks stunning! You can view the Veranda Magazine feature here.

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