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Everyday Elegance Founder, Alex Papachristidis, Awarded Lifetime Achievement Award

Greetings and Happy Spring! It’s been an exciting few weeks here at the Everyday Elegance Collection, with special Mother’s Day orders, new product launches, and of course, Alex winning the New York School of Interior Design’s prestigious Albert Hadley Lifetime Achievement Award.

Alex Receives His Award From NYSID

Each year, the NYSID presents the award to individuals who have made contributions of outstanding artistic significance to the field of interior design. Announcing Alex as its 2021 winner, the NYSID commended his lush and collected interiors, curatorial eye for detail, and incredible dedication to his clients and their homes.

Alex is the 11th recipient and joins designers including Mario Buatta and Mariette Himes Gomez. Below you can see the highlight of him receiving his award, where he talks about his inspirations throughout his career.

(Alternatively, you can also see the full New York School of Interior Design Gala video here.)

Growing up in New York City, Alex’s mother was one of his biggest supporters. She not only encouraged him to pursue a design career but also to travel, which helped him to cultivate his iconic curated style. Her endless love and encouragement are truly one of the most important forces behind Alex’s success.

With this is in mind, we’d like to extend our appreciation to all of the mothers out there. Being a parent takes an incredible amount of courage, patience, and love, and it is impossible to overstate the difference that you make.

If you are someone who has made a lasting difference in the life of someone who needed you — this day is for you.

Happy Mother’s Day to your family, from ours.

May Look Ahead: Olivier Green

Throughout May, our Instagram will feature one of our favorite spring designs of 2021 - Olivier Green by Royal Limoges.

Inspired by the beauty of olive groves across the Mediterranean, Olivier Green features a pattern of hand-painted green olive leaves scattered across French porcelain. It comes in a classic Nymphea shape with gently curved edges and a stunning gold border. The design is perfect served up solo or layered with other patterns. We paired it with plum lace presentation plates, holly green glasses and white and purple napkins for a nature inspired color palette.

For more information about Olivier Green and tips on how to style it, head over to the Everyday Elegance Collection Instagram feed.

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