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Golden Holiday Tidings - Veranda Magazine

Our Co-Founder, Alex Papachristidis, was just featured in the November/December 2023 edition of Veranda Magazine. In the holiday issue, he shares his approach to creating a holiday table in a non-traditional setting- the family room. The u-shaped banquette sofa and Turkish pillows serve as unconventional seating around a table. The room is totally glam and done up to the nines, but this unexpected seating arrangement gives the table a more relaxed feeling.

As you can see the gold blinds, golden hues of the sofa fabrics and gleaming place settings all add to the sumptuousness of the room. The table is beautifully laden with crystal, porcelain plates, silverware, folded napkins. In the elaborate centerpieces, bunches of roses resembling Christmas trees are set inside our larger wicker baskets. The plates and napkins are part of a new bespoke collection that Alex and Everyday Elegance Co-Founder Lisa McCarthy have in production in Italy.

Photos by Alison Gootee for Veranda Magazine

Article by Grace Haynes for Veranda Magazine Nov/Dec 2023- read article here


Ready to create the look? Here's some quick links to the

Everyday Elegance items used on the table setting:

*Large size gourd featured

*Featured in the Brown Color

*Napkins featured in the article

*Natural basket with brown liner featured

*White wine and red wine glasses featured

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